With Him is Hope! WHIH-LPFM

We own and operate a low power FM radio station with the purpose of spreading the Gospel through music and preaching. 


We broadcast 24/7/365 at 97.3 FM. You can tune in anytime to hear great music and teaching!


What is a Low Power station?

A low power station can reach 3-5 miles in every direction, depending on terrain. We can only broadcast at 100 watts, but with the location of the station, and population density,  we can potentially reach over 70,000 people! Low Power FM stations were created by the FCC for local organizations to serve the immediate community and that's what we plan on doing! 


Contact Us

By Mail:

Lifepoint Church, 74 Whitesboro St. Yorkville, NY 13495


By Phone: (315) 269-3866


By E-Mail: lifepointchurchmv@yahoo.com


Or use our contact form at the bottom of the Home Page.

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